Shipbuilding - Steel

Our work is guided by high standards of construction quality, which are widely recognized and which fill us with pride and motivation in the search for constant improvement.

Throughout their existence, these shipyards have built pontoons, barges, port workboats, floating cranes, dredgers, tugboats, fishing vessels, merchant ships (general cargo, tanks and ferries), passenger catamarans, as well as military ships (77 vessels for the Portuguese Navy, including Patrol Vessels), in a total of more than 260 constructions.

Shipbuilding - Aluminum

Aluminum construction is one of the hallmarks of this shipyard. Proof of this is the construction of catamarans for Transtejo, speedboats for the Portuguese Navy, a high-performance yacht and passenger ships for Spain and France. We also highlight the entire superstructure of the ferry, which is still under construction.